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 Ryoji Akuma

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PostSubject: Ryoji Akuma   Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:32 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Ryoji Akuma

Alias: the Writer

Alliance: Drifter

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type(Optional): AB+

Family Members(Optional): Only known family member is his mother.

Star Sign(Optional): Cancer

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Height(optional): 5'5"

Body Type: Ryoji has a rather slim build, and thanks to his skin tone, looks quite nerdy. He does have quite some muscles under his thin build, though, but those are simply hard to notice during everyday stuff.

Extra Feature: Ryoji has very pale skin, almost looking unhealthy, like an albino. No amount of time spend in sunlight seems to change this, either. He also would never leave home without his yellow scarf.


Personality: Ryoji is the kind of person that has the head in the clouds more than on the ground. Often daydreaming, you might even hear him mutter stuff completely without any reason, but that is simply a sign of his creative mind working - if there is one thing Ryoji excells at, it's imagining things, and writing them up in the form of stories.
Towards the few friends he usually has, Ryoji is shown to act like a good friend or comrade, even if he doesn't seem like it at first. Somehow, even when not really listening to someone because he had a new idea, he's quick to get a basic idea of problems, and provide something just as basic to solve them - because often, the easiest thing is what nobody thinks about.
Another part of him is curiosity, Ryoji won't leave one stone un-turned to find out what he wants to find out. His speech will be colored orange.

Likes: Daydreaming, thinking out imaginary stories, writing, rainy days

Dislikes: hot or humid weather, false friends, people without goals

Goals: Find out the Truth behind Psyren, and manage to write a bestseller-book.

Fears: Naturally, Ryoji fears death - his own as well as the death of friends.

Extra Information: He is one of the persons with a certain 'berserk switch'. You can annoy him, he won't attack you because of that, you can insult him, he still won't attack. Insult one of his favorite authors or his own works, and you've got a maniac of a Drifter on your ass out to burn you to cinder.


History: Ryojis childhood was a pretty good one. Even though he never met his father, money wasn't a problem - when he seemingly disappeared, he left his wife and thus Ryojis pregnant mother a large amount of money behind. However, having nearly everything he could wish for, and knowing that money wouldn't be a problem for pretty much all time for both him and his mother, didn't really help to make Ryoji a hard worker, or find many things to enjoy.
In fact, he has about as much talent in sports as he had in normal school work, nearly none. He was often sick, and his skin was prone to burn at even a bit more than usual sunlight, making him look like a 'nerdy tomato' as said from some of his schoolmates. This all lead to a rather weird style of life, because Ryoji found one thing that he could do quite good - use his fantasy to imagine stories and whole worlds, and to write them down. Nowadays, Ryoji dropped out of highschool, and is often seen with his Laptop in parks or the like, but he never lets anyone take a look at what he's doing on that computer. Needless to say that he's also pretty good at playing video games.
When the first rumors of 'Psyren' spread over in Japan, the country his father originated from, he was indeed interested, but couldn't find out anything about those mysterious call cards. Now, after Psyren reappeared in America, Ryoji found a strange call card on his desk one morning...
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PostSubject: Re: Ryoji Akuma   Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:50 am

Approved unless stated otherwise.

Have a nice day!
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Ryoji Akuma
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