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 Psi Comparison

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PostSubject: Psi Comparison   Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:19 am

Okay. A few people have raised that question, so here will be a list of general ideas for how strong your character is in comparison to the canon character whom matches that Psi type best.


  • 1-5: Not a remote threat...
  • 6-10: Able to hold your own, but not quite powerful yet.
  • 11-15: Matsuri could still kick your ass, but you can land a decent hit or two.
  • 16-20: Still not near Matsuri's level, but you're clearly a threat.
  • 21-25: Half of Matsuri's Burst capabilities.
  • 26-30: Matsuri considers you a slight, SLIGHT, challenge.
  • 31-35: It's best to avoid you...
  • 36-40: Matsuri will have a tough time keeping up with you using only Telekinesis.
  • 41-45: You could probably go head to head with Matsuri.
  • 46-50: You have reached Matsuri's level and she'd probably have to use Requiem to beat you.

This is Matsuri: http://psyren.wikia.com/wiki/Matsuri_Yagumo

NOTE* This counts for all forms of Rise...

  • 1-5: Still at human level. Just on par with the best humanity has to offer.
  • 6-10: Still not Superhuman, but there's a clear gap between you and normal people.
  • 11-15: Kagetora has taken note of your skill.
  • 16-20: You are just below Superhuman, but you're able to heal your wounds at a very quick rate, wreck a normal human, and your sensory abilities are the talk of the town.
  • 21-25: About half the skill of Kagetora, you are a Superhuman.
  • 26-30: Kagetora thinks you have skill, a big compliment.
  • 31-35: Humans swear you're a god.
  • 36-40: Kagetora has to actually TRY to keep up with you.
  • 41-45: You are one of the few that could go toe-to-toe with Kagetora and come out alive.
  • 46-50: You are inhumane. Humans cannot comprehend your existence, you are on the same level of Kagetora...a demon.

This is Kagetora: http://psyren.wikia.com/wiki/Kagetora


  • 1-5: Best to avoid using Trance...
  • 6-10: Not that great, but you're okay.
  • 11-15: Sakurako admires your skill.
  • 16-20: You can make some pretty cool illusions at this point and your ability to read minds leaves normal humans in awe.
  • 21-25: Half of Sakurako Trance capabilities.
  • 26-30: Mind rape anyone?
  • 31-35: No secret is safe from you, and your illusions are legend.
  • 36-40: Sakurako is in awe of your skills.
  • 41-45: You could probably manage to hold Sakurako in one of your Trance illusions for a while...until she breaks out her Insanity Jack...
  • 46-50: Unless she uses her Insanity Jack, you could probably best Sakurako in a Trance fight.

This is Sakurako: http://psyren.wikia.com/wiki/Sakurako_Amamiya


  • 10-20: Able to heal minor wounds and gashes in one area at a time.
  • 21-30: Able to heal the body, but not things like broken bones or torn muscle.
  • 31-40: Able to heal torn muscles.
  • 41-50: Able to heal bones.
  • 51-60: Able to repair things like the nervous system.
  • 61-70: About half of Van's skill. Able to heal minor wounds to organs (except heart and brain)
  • 71-80: Cure Zone is now available to you. Able to heal 2 people.
  • 81-90: Regeneration of dying cells is available to you.
  • 91-100: Regeneration of BROKEN limbs (broken does not mean missing...)
  • 101-110: Cure Zone can now heal 3 people.
  • 111-120: Restoration of lost limbs.
  • 121-130: Can heal severely damaged organs (except heart and brain)
  • 131-140: Cure Zone can heal up to 5 people now.
  • 141-150: You are at Van's level of skill.

*NOTE: Cure goes up to 150 because Cure Psychiers have their Cure level based upon Cure, Burst, and Self Heal. Drifters and company have their Cure level based upon Burst and Self Heal (meaning they would have a max of 100)
This is Van: http://psyren.wikia.com/wiki/Van
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Psi Comparison
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