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 Cooldowns and Durations

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PostSubject: Cooldowns and Durations   Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:22 am

Here we will NOT be using Cooldowns and Durations. Before you start cheering, there are things you must be aware of.

  • Be aware that without a cooldown and duration, your character runs the risk of losing energy sooner. The use of Psi puts a strain on the mind and body, and overuse of these powers can be hazardous to the user.
  • If a power is too strong, or has too many consequences for the victim, staff will ask that you either change the power so it's not so powerful, OR that you add a cooldown and duration.
  • Be reasonable with powers. Just because there are no durations doesn't mean that you can hold a power for the entire fight. There is a difference between HOLDING and USING.
  • Illusions MUST have a duration AND cooldown. This is not up for debate.
  • Mind Control MUST have a duration AND cooldown. This is not up for debate.
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Cooldowns and Durations
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