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PostSubject: Methias   Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:04 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Methias Shin Kazuya (Methias only knows of his first name)

Alias: The Black Reaper / Mephisto (Also explained in history)

Alliance: Psychicer / Resistance

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Blood Type(Optional): AB-

Family Members(Optional): Unknown, it is presumed they are all dead.

Birth Date(Optional): September 30th

Star Sign(Optional): Libra

Extra Information: (List any extra information here that didn't fit in above.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Methias stands at around six foot tall, with an incredibly muscular yet thin body. His hair is naturally a relatively bright reddish color, with strands of white piercing through it. Now, while this could be considered a sign of aging, Methias' hair is considerably lighter than the grey hair the elderly have, and as such, it seems to suit him. The general mix of his hair along with his almost flawless face gives him that pretty boy look, although there's a slight hint of malevolence about him. It almost looks as if he could be your friend one minute, and kill you the next. Yes, those emerald green eye's truly strike fear in the hearts of his opponents. He appears to have a piercing through each ear, golden studs hidden beneath a mass of hair.

Around his neck lies a black, white and red colar, which also fits the general look of his clothing choice. His pants are black jeans, which seem to have been untouched or clearly well looked after. His jacket is a leather bikers jacket, which follows the same black, white and red design that covers his body. Infact, the only thing that doesn't match the rest of his clothing is a green shirt. Around his kneck lies a dog tag, with the name "Mephisto" inscribed into it. Seveal chains also seem cover his belt / pants area.

Height(optional): 6'0''

Weight(optional): 154 pounds

Body Type: Methias' body type could be described as quite thin, yet incredibly muscular. His entire body is toned, to the point where every muscle is visibly shown.

Extra Feature: Methias has a scar slicing across his right eye. It is a verticle cut, although it's nearly invisible unless the light isn't making contact with his face.


Personality: Methias is, for lack of a better word, a bit of a dick. He is both incredibly cold to people, and doesn't care what he says. He is more likely to abuse you for something you said than to compliment on your looks, to say the least. While he is quite a horrible person, there is definately some good within him. A perfect example of this is how he would rather save the world than destroy it, although nobody knows if he has a personal reason for this or if he is infact trying to help other people. He doesn't tend to have too many friends because of the way he acts, but alas, he doesn't have any need for them. They are simply a weakness, atleast that's how he see's them. Another one of his more interesting personality traits is the fact that he is a typical "Kill first, ask questions later" kind of guy. If you annoy him, he will have no issues in slicing your throat.

Likes: Killing, sleeping with anything that moves, using his PSI abilities.

Dislikes: Idiots, people thinking they are superior to him, "Exile"

Goals: Oddly enough, it seems that Methias truly has no goals.

Fears: There is but only one thing Methias fears, and that is to be sent back to "Exile".

Extra Information: -




Ages 8-14, life on the streets of London:

Enter, The Black Reaper:

America, the last year, and a little card:
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PostSubject: Re: Methias   Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:34 am


And since Methias only knows his first name, no character can ever know his last name.

"Cide. Like Suicide infact. The name certainly did match him though. He was, from what Methias could tell, negativity in human form. From his lust for his PSI abilities, to his love of killing, he imbodied the darkness within every humans heart. To the extremities."

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