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 Story of Ciro-Cide

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PostSubject: Story of Ciro-Cide   Sat Oct 09, 2010 5:11 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Ciro Lash (pronounced See-row...Like zero but instead of pronouncing it with a "Z" it's an "S")

Alias: Broken Death *explained in history*

Alliance: Drifter

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Blood Type(Optional): --

Family Members(Optional): --

Birth Date(Optional): --

Star Sign(Optional): --

Extra Information: Ciro has lived a rather rough life and does suffer from severe depression (clinically diagnosed), but he never allows it to show. Because he has locked it away for so long it has done nothing but build. Upon entering Psyren, the Psi energy his mind and body began to produce gave these feelings of worthlessness, death, and sadness a form. This form calls himself Cide...short for Suicide.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Cide is on the left. Ciro is on the right. The main difference is eye color (Cide's eyes are a very bright blue) and hair style (Cide's hair is curly). Aside from that, they are mirror images of each other.



Body Type: Athletic. Lean but with muscles.

Extra Feature: A two tattoos. One on his chest, over his left nipple, of a shadowy mist (yeah it hurt to get it done...), and one across his shoulders on his back of angel wings.



Ciro: Ciro is quiet, reserved, cold, and deadly. He has no quarrels with killing opposition nor does he mind killing without mercy. However, this stems from a lack of satisfaction with his own life. He's not happy. He cannot remember the last time he enjoyed a laugh or felt worthwhile. He has rarely felt any pure joy. One of the times he has, however, was when he first went to Psyren. Only in Psyren does one see a happy face. Inside Psyren he is completely different, carefree, happy, laughing. Outside he is as described above.

Cide: Cide is different, very different. Despite being the manifestation of depression, he is actually quite a happy boy. If ever he is to come out, he will always act as if what he is doing is a game rather than a fight for life and death. He giggles a lot, but don't mistake him for anything less than dead serious. Cide's very sadistic and shows that through various means. Be it through the slow beating of a foe, or his obvious enjoyment of a kill.

Likes: Both: Killing, fighting.
Ciro: Coming close to death.

Cide: Living

Dislikes: Both: When their kill gets away, when their kill is stolen, when they can't defeat their enemy, when they cannot fight.

Ciro: Living

Cide: Coming close to death.

Goals: Both: To find purpose...

Fears: Dying before a purpose is found.

Extra Information: --



Ciro Arc:

Psyren Arc:

Cide Arc:
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PostSubject: Re: Story of Ciro-Cide   Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:08 pm

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Story of Ciro-Cide
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