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 Shinshi Reiya (WIP)

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PostSubject: Shinshi Reiya (WIP)   Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:50 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Shinshi Reiya

Alias: Shinigami

Alliance: Psychier

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (21 in Future)

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Blood Type(Optional): B+

Family Members(Optional):

Birth Date(Optional): September 31 1994

Star Sign(Optional):

Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Reiya comes off as a normal teenage girl. She has a rather short appearance, standing at 5". Her appearance doesn't seem like she is battle-savvy, and though she is petite, she has an hourglass shape, which increases her appeal and makes it seem even less likely that she is a warrior princess. Most people see her as being quite weak, and although she has some meat on her bones, very little of it is muscle. Or so it seems. Joe Public would see her as an average high school girl, probably not much of a fighter and an easy target for men. Joe Public would get his ass whooped. Although she seems to be weak, Reiya has the ability to fight off several masters of the martial arts at once, and she is feared as the Demon within the martial arts community. Few of her friends know her true identity though, as she looks rather innocent and always has a smile on her face. She has a D-cup, which does seem to hard to move with, although she tries her best not to flaunt it in front of her friends. It seems that no matter how much milk she drinks, only her breasts grow, which is somewhat an envy of her friends, although they tease her about her height.

She has a set of beautiful eyes, blue as the sky, full of expression. They are almond shaped, like normal, and carry a sense of mystery within them. One might say that besides her firm bust, her eyes are one of the many traits that characterize her. Her hair is about shoulder length and is styled in a schoolgirl fashion, just allowing it to flow over her shoulders. It is a beautiful shade of blue, and although the color is rare, it suits her just as well, due to her personality. Her eyebrows are arched and nicely placed to create the perfect look for her. As well, her nose is slightly arched and she has a rather nice pair of lips that she claims she had never kissed anyone with before, although that is surprising given her appearance. Her usual attire is that of her school uniform, although she likes to wear t-shirts with a miniskirt when she goes out or such.

In the future, her appearance takes a slight change in theme. No longer is she the goody-two-shoes that she used to be. Now, she resembles more of a gangster. Having grown to 5'4, she has a skull earring to her right ear and her hair is now about neck length and allowed to flow more freely, now with additional streaks of silver here and there for cosmetic effect. Her choice of clothing still remains to be t-shirts, however, she wears tattered jeans mini-shorts instead. She also wears a pendant given to her by someone, although it is not known who. Sometimes, she chooses to discard the t-shirt and just wears an extremely short top that reveals much of her cleavage, which has grown to a E-cup. She also dons her new signature white leather jacket as well as a cowgirl hat. Her vehicle of choice would be a tricked-out version of the Harley Davidson VRXSE Destroyer.



Body Type: Hourglass

Extra Feature: Skull Tattoo on her left hip (Future)


Personality: In the present, Reiya can be described as a timid, reserved girl of few words. Although she is well-liked by others, she has a subtle fear of attention, and is only able to open up to a few people, namely her friends who have known her since young. All of them admit that she has been this way since she was just a child and it took a few years to get her to accept them. But after that, they were as close as close could get. Reiya is this kind of girl: she is afraid of relationships, but when she gets into one, she is dead serious about it, and will be loyal to that friend to the very end, through thick and thin. Normally, what she displays to others would be the quiet, studious girl who is able to get great results in sports and tests, but is extremely humble about it and has body proportions that would render any boy to become infatuated with her. However, her best friends know a different side to her; when she is with them, her entire personality changes somehow. She is less timid and shy, becoming optimistic and even loving to chat with them. When with them, her smiles change from shy ones to ones full of laughter and she is fun-loving and always outgoing while they are around. She is well-liked by her friends for that reason and although she is wild with them, she can show her true nature with them. She is quite the bubbly one when together with them and acts like she doesn't have a care in the world. Her friends are the only ones to see this side of her and even her parents do not know about this side of Reiya.

She also has a dark side to her, that her best friends are quite scared of. When she plots something, she is often surrounded by a dark aura and she does her best to make the victim scream and cry. Her friends call this the Yami Reiya, or Dark Reiya and she often goes into this state when she gets too caught up in something. It takes a whack from one of them or a long duration of time for her to snap out of it. While inside this state, she is highly sadistic, although no one has ever seen it other than for comedic effect. At least, not yet. Normally, Reiya is very particular about things like friends and companionship and will give her best for her friends, even if it means sacrificing herself. She is not very particular about love as it is, seeing it as a mere emotion, but she seems to like anyone, to the point where she is regularly referred to as Bi by her friends, since she has done some yuri with them before, up to the point where she stripped herself right in front of them and they had to stop her from ravaging one of them.

In the future, she becomes more wild and throws caution into the wind. No longer is she the shy and timid girl that she was, now she is more at it. Her sadistic side still shows up once in a while, but it is much better. However, she has also become more into using sex to get others to do what she wants. Her dress-up and all increase her sex appeal and although she can still feign her old personality, she does whatever it takes to get her way. She has had, over the years, a few thousand sex partners, and somehow, she manages not to get any STI, as if she had an immunity. Anyhow, she becomes very crafty in the future, and although most of her friends are gone, she still remembers them and sometimes talks to imaginary people.

Likes: Sex; After trying to use the method, Reiya found that she became addicted to the act. And really likes it. She also found that experimenting on different techniques was more fun than a lot of others things. (Future)

Friends; she enjoys company, and if she doesn't have friends, she will feel very lonely. However, she is able to make quick friends and she stays loyal to them, a trait that stays with her for a long time, and has given her many different experiences.

Sweets; Reiya has an incessant craving for anything sweet, sugary or candy-like. She eats everything from icing to sugar itself and can not resist having more. Everything that she eats has to at least have some sugar in it or it won't taste nice to her.

Milk; Having drank the liquid since young, she still drinks it although she has no need to grow any more. She loves it, and generally drinks any kind of milk that she can find, even breast milk, which she tries to suck from her own breasts (and succeeds at times)

Dislikes: Fire; She finds the burning sensation of fire to be very frightening and she has some sense of pyrophobia, which is so bad sometimes that she feels the burning even if the fire has not touched her.

Blood; she hates the sight of blood, especially from other people. She finds it disgusting to see blood on flesh. By itself, she is fine with it, but if someone is bleeding, she finds it disturbing to look at.

Goals: Reiya dreams of having 100000 sex partners, and try ever variation of sex known to human kind (Future). She also dreams of opening her own milk company, as she puts it "to bring the joy of milk to everyone".

Fears: She fears being alone, and if she ever left alone, she becomes extremely timid and frightened, even in the future, and will start to cry. This stems from her history and the fact that she needs to have people around her to feel safe.

Extra Information:


History: (Be descriptive...)
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Shinshi Reiya (WIP)
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