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 Quality or Quantity?

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PostSubject: Quality or Quantity?   Wed Nov 03, 2010 1:53 am

It has come to my attention that at least one member here (though I know that there are hundreds, or thousands world wide) who believe points should be given based upon quality over quantity. I agree. I would like that. I think people who actually put effort into their work should be rewarded equally, and I doubt there's a single person here who would disagree.

And so the issue becomes "Well why not do this?"And the answer is simple: "We can't."

To which some may respond: "Why not?"

And to this I will say, "Because there are a vast amount of factors that would make such a thing hard to do and cause more issues than it would solve."

How so? Simple:

Grammar, organization, and mechanics are 3 well known things that factor into writing. How good is your grammar? Do you spell words correctly, and have proper sentence structure? Do you have the post organized so that you don't have thoughts sprawled all over the place? And are your punctuations, commas, etc etc in the proper place? Everyone will have different views on this. One person will be hypercritical, another will be rather relaxed. This will cause conflict amongst staff when someone is awarded, let's say, 5 points, and another person wants to reward them 2.

On top of this, factor in biasness. I will be the first to admit that while I do my best not to be bias, I unknowingly am. We all are in some way and in some area of our life. Biasness will lead to more points given, or less points given. It is just how things work. That would cause arguments amongst the staff, or from member to staff, or member to member. None of which is okay.

Finally, there are issues with who will read all those posts. Some people make 10+ posts a day. Factor this in with the near 20 people on A DAY, and that's a lot of posts, a lot of work, a lot of stress which influences judgement, and a lot of clouded vision from being overworked, doing a tedious job over and over again.

So. At the end of all this, I do wish there was an easy way to get Quality over Quantity for points. I do. I really do. Cause I understand some people here make amazing posts and pour their heart out into it. And I know where are some people who will post the bare minimum and just coast by. But the fact is, it's just something that will happen. It will happen here in cyber space as well as in life. It's just something that we will have to deal with.

People appreciate well formulated posts and RPs. The more work you do, the better it will pay off in RPs that involve combat, why? Because in topics like that, wording, grammar, sentences, organization is EVERYTHING. One slip up and it could be over and I personally will not allow a re-do just because you forgot something or put an attack response in the wrong area.

Thank you for your cooperation.

"Cide. Like Suicide infact. The name certainly did match him though. He was, from what Methias could tell, negativity in human form. From his lust for his PSI abilities, to his love of killing, he imbodied the darkness within every humans heart. To the extremities."

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Quality or Quantity?
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