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 Obtaining Cure / Visions

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PostSubject: Obtaining Cure / Visions   Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:14 pm

For Drifters and Psychiers whom wish to obtain Visions or Cure, you have to reach 300 points to do so. Simple as that.

Please note that Psychiers who obtain this form of PSI only have access to it in the FUTURE not the present.

With that being said, if a Psychier was born with one of these two versions of PSI, he or she MAY NOT have the other. This is a one or the other type deal.

In the future chances to obtain both may arise, but for now it's either Visions or Cure; not both.

"Cide. Like Suicide infact. The name certainly did match him though. He was, from what Methias could tell, negativity in human form. From his lust for his PSI abilities, to his love of killing, he imbodied the darkness within every humans heart. To the extremities."

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Obtaining Cure / Visions
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