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 Vergilius Anemato

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PostSubject: Vergilius Anemato   Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:13 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Vergilius Anemato

Alias: Gentle Blade

Alliance: Drifter

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Blood Type(Optional): O

Family Members(Optional): None to date.

Birth Date(Optional): Unknown

Star Sign(Optional): N/A

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Height(optional): 5'4

Weight(optional): 127 lbs

Body Type: Athletic. Feminine physique, yet slightly muscular.

Extra Feature: He has a tattoo of a tiger crouching in a bamboo forest surrounded by cherry blossoms on his back.


Personality: A quiet, calm, and collected individual, often mistaken for a military man. He is a young man who prefers loneliness, rather than to being surrounded by people. He often keeps to himself, yet, when he has to, he will become an active teammate. Cold and calculating, he's often got things planned and is often on his guard. Physically and emotionally. He's very detached from society, often finding that getting close to people will only hinder him in the future. He looks only to be alone, and often turns an eye when people are in need. A character without empathy, he does not try to see what is 'morally right and wrong', but instead focuses more on completing any assignments he has without question. A shell of a human, he carries out his tasks without hesitation. Although he seems to be the type to be naturally evil and psychotic, he is very calm most of the time. A lover of music, and a person who prefers to gain power in the peace and serenity of the world, not through chaos, Vergilius will dedicate himself to his training during quiet times when noone is around. He also enjoys reading books, studying art, and studying warfare. He enjoys practicing his martial arts and swordsmanship skills more than anything else, and truly appreciates the beauty of nature around him. In addition to this, he often reads and writes poetry, and will sometimes quote verses from a poem. His speech is in Purple, but when he is forced into actual combat, one in which his life is GREATLY threatened, then he'd actually aim to fight back with atleast half of his capabilities. A tolerant man, he will not fight someone after they attack him, unless he sees a true threat in their intentions, or if he senses any real danger at all. In battle, he prefers to avoid attacks untill he sees that there is no peaceful way to resolve a conflict, and bring about a full revolution of his tactics by going from evading to burst like attacks in which the speed of his movement increases and his attacks become precise and target major organs or tissues of the body.

Likes: Rain, Snow, the color red, Books, Art, Swords, Martial Arts.

Dislikes: Socializing, Annoyances, People, Criminals, Idiots, Bliss.

Goals: Surprisingly, he has no clear goals...

Fears: Dying a death without honor.

Extra Information: N/A


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PostSubject: Re: Vergilius Anemato   Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:00 am


"Cide. Like Suicide infact. The name certainly did match him though. He was, from what Methias could tell, negativity in human form. From his lust for his PSI abilities, to his love of killing, he imbodied the darkness within every humans heart. To the extremities."

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Vergilius Anemato
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