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 Mikoto Iori

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Mikoto Iori

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PostSubject: Mikoto Iori   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:49 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Mikoto Iori

Alias: N/A

Alliance: Drifter

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Blood Type(Optional): O+

Family Members(Optional): Mother-42-Mikoto/Takashiba Rin
Father-43-Mikoto Ichirou
Brother- 3- Mikoto Sora

Birth Date(Optional): November 23rd

Star Sign(Optional): Scorpio

Extra Information: Iori is Ambidextrous

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Overall- Iori is a man of just above average height, he sports a bulk of five feet and seven inches and does so quite well as his posture is perfect, which is to be expected considering his past. Iori has tanned skin which tells the tale of a young man who spends much of his time outdoors, which is, in fact, the truth. With deep, brown eyes, Iori's gaze always seems to wonder slowly and carefully over the area where he finds himself, as if he was constantly searching for something interesting to rest his eyes upon. Iori's body is truly fit for one in his position as an aspiring master of the Shinobi arts. With a lean body of muscle and little fat, Iori appears to have a near swimmer-esque build, with seemingly powerful abdominal and back muscles, judging from the definition rather than the size, and the same with his biceps, Iori's hard work into chiseling his body can easily be noted. The knuckles and palms of Iori's hands are covered in calluses from years of attempting to master the use of the bow.

Hair - Iori has, as some shampoo commercials would say, great hair. Long and black, Iori's hair has a feminine feel to it and the fact that it smells of something sweet does not make it seem any the more masculine. Iori styles his hair in a long ponytail utilizing a white hair ribbon, this causes his ponytail to reach down to the middle of his back and whip around whenever he moves. The bangs of his hair hang down to just above his eyebrows, and with a tip of his head, he can cast his face into shadows if he so chose. Sometimes, however, this is a problem as when his bangs fall a little looser, they fall to right in front of his eyes which distracts him quite often.

Clothing- No Fashion expert himself Iori prefers to dress as casually and comfortably as possible, this works in his favor that it covers up his physique which has not proven unhelpful during brawls and such. Iori is most often seen in his School Uniform which he does keep in a rather untidy state as he keeps his shirt un-tucked and his jacket unbuttoned if it is even on at all. If Iori does not have school on the day in question he can be commonly seen wearing any form of t-shirt and shorts or more commonly in a Track suit.


Personality: After years of living in the house of a rather important politican, Iori has taken the rule "Children Should be Seen Not Heard" to heart and as such, he has developed into a relatively quiet young man. Though he tends to have many opinions, questions and or inquiries revolving situations or conversations, for the most part, he keeps them to himself and instead answers or speaks only when he knows it is necessary or appropriate for him to speak.

A man who is aware of his appearance, Iori goes out of his way to make sure that he looks as respectable as he possibly can. This extends from things such as, what he is doing with his hands to making sure that his ponytail is not hanging over his shoulder. A patient and accepting young man, Iori has the ability to allow insults to himself or his actions glance off him as if he had some form of armor against them. The aforementioned patience also extends to waiting for long periods of time by entertaining himself in the simplest of manners. Typically, to bide his time, Iori can be seen mulling over riddles over performing haiku. Though quiet, Iori is not a man who does not give his all when he finds something that he wants to do.

Though Iori's silence is actually a conditioned portion of his personality, he believes it to be born of his own lack of confidence. In response to this, he has developed a sense of admiration for those who are not afraid to express themselves, going so far as to say he finds them courageous. After years of abusive treatment, Iori has developed a fantastic poker face. His poker face is so well developed in fact, that he is able to perfectly fake emotions that he is most definitely not feeling with little to no difficulty. However, it seems that Iori's poker face falters in the presence of females he finds attractive. When around females he finds attractive, Iori becomes nervous and tends to keep silent until he bursts out in conversation with questions or comments, often speaking a bit too loud or too quickly.

In combat, Iori is precise and swift, lashing out with attacks at his targets with textbook aim and speed. Iori is a very versatile fighter and switches his style and grip around to match the attacks or maneuvers he wishes to use. Iori's base fighting style revolves on him staying on the defensive until he is given an opportunity to launch a counter-attack he is confident will succeed.

Likes: Chocolate, Curry, Slow Music, Piano Playing, Writing, Running, Reading

Dislikes: Spicy Foods, Cold Weather, Insults, Over-Aggression

Goals: To Become a Professional Tennis Player

Fears: Claustrophobia, Large Dogs (Above Knee is classified as "Large" by Iori)

Extra Information: N/A


Iori's parentage was a rather mismatched one. His father, as a young man had always desired power above all else. Women, Friends, love, all of it was for naught in the eyes of Nakamura, all for nothing if he meant that it could be traded for a raise in his political or social status. This carried on into Nakamura's early adult years, his numerous betrayals having gained him quite the name among his fellow politicians. Eventually, Nakamura found himself stagnating in his status at the young, for politicians, anyway, age of 24. In all his years as a conversationalist, Nakamura suddenly found himself struck dumb by the sight of a single woman as she arrested a young man for trespassing. Having come to visit a political ally in Tokyo, Nakamura watched as the young woman apologized for having broken his thoughts, which had been, unsurprisingly, focused on Political Development. When he was confident that she was finished with her arrest, Nakamura approached the woman and learned that she was the infamous "Takashiba Inaba's" daughter, Takashiba Inoue. Suddenly, Nakamura was hit with inspiration and he began to court the young woman, desperate to use her father's status as a boost for his own.

The two young adults had a whirlwind passion, with Nakamura utilizing his relationship as an excuse to visit Inaba's home and speak to him directly. Charmed by the young man's intelligence and daring, Inaba decided that, since he was going to be running as Prime Minister in a year or so, that he would do whatever he could to prepare Nakamura for a career as a major part of the Japanese government. When he was informed of this, two months before the election would be held, Nakamura found that he was steadily rising in the Japanese Politcal scene and, unfortunately, this proved to be his downfall. With such success, came arrogance, the arrogance that he could do almost whatever he pleased, including make love with no contraceptive. One month before the election, Inoue informed her client aka, her two year boyfriend, Nakamura, that she was pregnant with his child. Almost instantly, Nakamura fell back from the political scene, focusing with all his might upon his wouldbe family, and married Inoue.

Nine months later, Mikoto Iori was born a healthy baby boy with quite the future, as Nakamura saw it. For years upon years, Nakamura doted on Iori, teaching him all he could about manners, discipline and instilled in him, not love for his father, but instead, duty. Iori thrived under such tutelage, a naturally intelligent young man, he only grew sharper under his father's sharp eye. When Iori turned Seven, his mother gave birth to another son, this time, naming him Sora. Now with another son to focus upon, Iori's father drew away from his first son, instead, attempting to do with what he had done with Iori with Sora. This left the rather dependent Iori without any sort of guidelines and less than pleased.

Reacting to her son's distress, Inoue began to show much more activity in her two child's lives, going so far as to resign from her work as a professional bodyguard, and instead focusing on her beloved offspring. Soon after his mother became a regular part of his life, rather than a beloved and long awaited frequent visitor, Iori became attached to her, desperate to learn everything he could about her. It was then that Rin began to notice what kind of hold Nakamura was building with their children and she was desperate to break this hold he had and was planning to develop over their children, Rin requested a divorce from her husband. Knowing that a divorce could have either adverse or promotional effects on his reputation, Nakamura utilized his influence to get the press to spread the news that Rin had been adulterous. Within a month, Rin and Iori were free of Nakamura, but found that his connections also spread to the courts, as he kept custody of Sora. However, as if just to spite her, Nakamura made sure to spread the story of Rin's lack of respect for their wedding vows as far and as wide as he could, forcing her to offer the prospect of moving away from Japan, to North America.

Due to his father's lessons, Iori could speak English with only the slightest of accents, and found that, actually, he was a year ahead in schooling than most young adults his age. However, in attempt to relate better, Iori instead chose to stay within the 11th grade, the grade that would be normal for a 16 year old male. He has, since, encountered a strangely ringing telephone and received some sort of calling card.
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PostSubject: Re: Mikoto Iori   Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:12 am

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Mikoto Iori
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