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 titles are lame...

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PostSubject: Re: titles are lame...   Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:07 pm

As strange as it seemed, Ryoji smiled a silent, small smile - Cide fearing him? That would be pretty damn awesome, since he hated that murderous side of his 'leader'. There was a difference between not caring about people, and openly wanting to slaughter everything that lived. He could discuss stuff with one of them, the other would attack him at the slightest annyoance. And how he was at the moment, he couldn't fight Cide. Not yet. But the day would surely come...
Giving a silent nod to Ciro before he warped back into the past, he knew that this day made some things clear - first, Ryo was an idiot believing in his ideals. Second, he was alright with following Ciro. Third - Ciro was not newbie-friendly. Oh wait, that was clear from the start. Walking to the new guy, he laid down a hand on his shoulder.
"Don't worry too much. Ciro may seem like a total asshole, and he is one at times... but if you have the will to survive, your powers will awaken soon enough. Don't be surprised if you suffer some heavy nosebleeding tonight... that's the sign of the natural limiters being removed. Try to meet me back home, alright? I'll teach you what I can." Ryoji wanted to cheer the new guy up, but he found himself in a little problem - Psyren WAS dangerous as hell. Survival here was always questionable. But at least he could assure him some safety. If he thought about it... without Ciro, Chatha and Torino, he would've failed to protect this boy for sure. Alone, he was still too weak. Going to the phone booth, he took out his calling card.
"See you back in our time, guys. Hopefully without Tavoo." Inserting the card and taking up the phone, the boy disappeared into thin air, warping back through time.

:exit thread:
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Mikoto Iori

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PostSubject: Re: titles are lame...   Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:29 am

Iori grinned broadly as the man with two names seemed to have accepted him, though he did so in quite the round about fashion, with a less respect than Iori would have liked. As he presented the analogy Iori couldn't help but chuckle, it was not quite what he would have expected from a man mature enough to offer the chance for suicide just moments before. As the man turned to speak to his allies, Iori straightened himself up, brushing away at himself. Despite his acceptance of the fact it was impossible in such a climate to ever be completely rid of dirt, or sand, he was still determined to remove the worst of it from his body and clothing. As he followed the dual named man, Iori reached behind his head and began to fiddle with his hair, tugging it from it's confine as a ponytail, Iori redid it once more, this time even tighter as he moved his bangs away from his eyes.

As he followed his new instructor, Iori began to memorize his face, his clothing, everything he could see about him, Iori committed it all to memory. He repeated the process for the rest of the group, making sure to catch names to add to the faces, just in case he ever had to be alone with them. When he turned back to give Iori his rather sarcastic pep talk Iori began to chuckle at the joke he had passed at the other man's expense. "I promise. I will utilize all that I can learn to learn how to survive in this world. utilizing my own power" He even followed suit with the pay phone, recalling, as he did so, that the same strange sensation as the time he came into the strange, deadly world had washed over him.

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titles are lame...
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