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PostSubject: Psychiers   Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:12 am

The point system doesn't cover Psychiers and their abilities too well as far as Visions and Cure is concerned. Below is the fix to this:

10 points for either Cure or Visions (whichever you specialize in) and if you're a WISE member you split your points like normal and your Cure / Visions level is the addition of all those points. Cure and Visions gain 2 points every 100 points.

What this means is this: You're a Vision Psychier. 10 points for Vision.

Vision is based upon Sense and Trance. So you have 8 Sense Rise, and 6 Trance. 8+6 = 14. You would add that 14 points to your Vision points. 14+10 = 24. This means that 24 is your Vision skill.

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