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PostSubject: Telekinesis   Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:51 am

Okay. Telekinesis is a very gray area for a lot of reasons that I am not about to get into here. I AM allowing telekinesis to be a power here under the following conditions:

  • Telekinetic blasts are sensed by other PSI-users. This gives them a chance to dodge.
  • Grabs take the form of a Psi-energy "goo" (still invisible and still sensed by others), if it connects then you are free to throw them.
  • Crushing another player is not allowed.

"Cide. Like Suicide infact. The name certainly did match him though. He was, from what Methias could tell, negativity in human form. From his lust for his PSI abilities, to his love of killing, he imbodied the darkness within every humans heart. To the extremities."

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